What does the .cc on the end of of chris.cc mean?

".cc" is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) name used by web sites from The Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian island territory, population 604 (1995 est.).  Its closest neighbors are Christmas Island some 900 km to its NNE, and Java approximately 1000 km to its NW.

It is an atoll containing 27 islands, all with white sandy beaches.  With kilometers of warm, blue water and acres of palm trees, the Cocos Islands are a tropical paradise for any traveler.

Remember when you were little and told if you dug straight down in the USA you'd come out in China?  Actually, you'd come out pretty near Cocos, and far away from anywhere else.

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 Home Island is the home of the Cocos Malay people who are Sunni Muslims. It's a fun place to be during Hari Raya.

West Island is home to the mainland population of around 250 from Australia.  You don't want to miss the Cocos Olympics and hermit crab races.

North Keeling Island  is in the same condition as when it was discovered in 1609, almost untouched by man.  It has spectacular reef snorkeling and diving. Note that women are not allowed on the island, as it is an old Malay superstition that the female guardian or penunggu is annoyed by the presence of females.

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