Distributors, New and Used Lasers and Equipment, Repair

MWK Industries -- One of my primary suppliers

Wicked Lasers -- How about a 1/2W green laser pointer?  Or a blue one?

Big Lasers -- Lasers and Laser pointers in red, green, blue, and yellow -- up to Class IIIB power levels you won't believe!

Low power lasers and optical equipment

Anderson Lasers, Inc. -- Dealer in new and used CO2 Industrial Systems, Pulsed Ruby Lasers, YAG Industrial Systems, Argon Lasers, Scientific Pulsed/CW YAGs, Dye Lasers, Holographic Systems, Ti:Sapphire Lasers, XYZ Rotary & Tilt Stages, Q-Switches, Lamps, New Rods (YAG/Ruby/Glass,) Mirrors, and Cavities.

Cambridge Lasers Laboratory, products and services to users of  water-cooled ion laser systems

Laser Resale, Inc. -- Provides a marketplace for the purchase and sale of used lasers, laser systems, laser associated equipment, and optical laboratory equipment. Available systems include industrial, scientific, and light show equipment, buying, selling, brokering or consignment.

Laser Surplus Sales -- Buy, sell, trade new and used lasers and optical equipment

HHR Lasers, Inc. -- "We refurbish, repair, buy and sell gas laser systems including HeNe, argon and krypton units. We also do consulting and will design/build custom lasers."

Electronic Information Online -- Lasers -- EIO is a versatile electronics surplus source associating information with the distribution of electronics, computer and optical materials.

HSC -- "HSC Electronic Supply is the techno-tinkerer's premier high-tech shopping place."

Sterling Resale Optics - Resale of un-used or professionally used optics including laser line mirrors, lenses, interference filters, and thermoplastic holography plates. Sells optical components made by Newport Corp., Melles Griot, Oriel, and CVI.

Laser Manufacturers

Melles Griot -- Huge international Laser manufacturer

MeshTel - Intelite -- Distributor, Consulting, R&D, Modeling, Assembly, Mass Production and a precision testing lab

National Laser -- one of the largest manufacturers of air-cooled ion lasers in the world, a complete line of <1W ion lasers

Optlectra -- German manufacturer of Lasers and accessories for research, development, and the whole industry

Laser Shows & Equipment

International Laser Display Association -- A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the advancement and Promotion of Professional Laser Display Applications

New Method Lasers -- "New Method Lasers (NML) is your discount source for advanced laser lightshow equipment. This site contains descriptions, pricing, insider secret information, and LOTS OF COOL PICS."

Lazer Magic -- Provides laser shows, laser rentals, laser sales, and other high tech lighting effects for all occasions, indoor and outdoor laser shows.

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. -- Software and related systems for the laser display industry, modifications for ADAT digital tape recorders so ADATs can be used for laser light shows

Technological Artisans, Inc. -- Laser Light Show Equipment and Event Rentals.

Holography & Laser Information

Sam's Laser FAQ's -- a great deal of practical information on many laser related topics HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Holograms & Lasers' Holoshop! -- A virtual HOLOGRAM GALLERY and gift shop with  hundreds of incredible creations to view and purchase!  Also, MANY lasers for sale. -- This is a forum to share experiences and ideas about holography.

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