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My Franchi SPAS12 Page -- Parts, photos, users manuals, and more

My H&K P7 Site, -- Photos, users manuals, and more

My Guide to Firearm Security  -- We either start storing them right, or we'll lose our rights for sure!

Stinger Penguns -- The only "legal" Pen Gun

Security Arms -- Pictures of almost every exotic weapon you've never seen in person and likely won't!

10mm Info Page information on the world's best handgun round Law enforcement, Military, and Public Safety Supplies.  Guaranteed lowest prices.

MFI -- One of the best Airsoft replica gun dealers I've found.  If you've never seen these, check them out!

Best Knives -- Best prices I've found after many searches, shipped the next day and e-mailed me a tracking number

Tactical Intervention is devoted to making the life of precision shooters a little bit easier.


Cole Distributing, Inc. Ammo Import - Export Specialist

Features information and photos on guns, rifles, knives, hunting, archery and outdoor sports including revolvers, pistols, handgun ammo, reloading, rifles, shotguns, scopes, airguns, archery products, knives and cutlery, hunting products, self-defense items, gun control statistics, police products, security products, assault rifle statistics, police statistics, crime statistics (including homicide), firearm production statistics, and crime issue resource references.

Created to entertain and inform visitors on all aspects of the shooting sports. Features: the Gun and Product of the Month drawings; GunTalk; Feature Articles; GunMarkets; and much more.

Tom Bower's Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages

Brownell's one Gunsmith supplier that eclipses all the others

Gun Parts Corp And there is one used parts vendor that has almost anything

Galco International the finest holsters made

Steve's Big Sky Country with reloading information and lots of gun links

Yahoo's Links to Firearms Manufacturers, Gunsmiths, Etc., Etc.

BATF Site Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- who's bringing the chips?

FFL eZ Check BATF site, verify if an FFL copy is valid, or an FFL number sent to you really belomgs to the address you are about to ship to.

Classified Ads & Auctions to Buy & Sell Firearms and Related Items
Gun Broker
Auction Arms
GunsForSale  (3/99 Changing to auction format)
Firearms Trading Post
The Gun Room
Tom Bower's Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages
Hollowpoint Classified/Action Page -- And if you still want to look more, check out the links at this page
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