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 The Exploratorium: The museum of science, art and human perception

Urban 75's Useless Games Gallery -- Are you bored?

Psych Tests Think you know yourself? Take these Psych-tests to reveal the true you!

Roadside America Plan your next vacation from this list of funny or unusual roadside attractions.

Check out their Links page!!! Listen to 100's of Radio stations around the world LIVE, or watch dozens of TV stations, all on the internet, all LIVE... don't miss NASA-TV!

Easter Eggs! -- Hidden features of programs you use

Blue Mountian Arts -- Free electronic gretting cards for all ocassions

A poem by A.E. Housman -- they only poem I ever memorized

Trendy Magic -- Try the Magic Rabbit on the Interactive Magic page!

CSC's TeleRobot -- Another Robot you can run over the web, this one a 5 axis arm with 2 zooming cameras

Australia's Telerobot on the web -- And yet another in Australia, 5 cameras, more.

Comedy Central -- Their huge web site

Mad TV -- Fox's Mad TV Website

Internet Pizza Server -- Order a virtual pizza over the web

Leonard's Cam World -- 1000+ Live Webcams all over the world -- When it's over ... she'll be right over!  Serious advice and humor.

Pythonline -- Official site of Monty Python's Flying Circus

Meet Mr. Jelly Belly at and join his fan club, I have!

The NewRed GreenShow -- If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!

221b Baker Street -- Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

The Dilbert Zone

Penn - n -Teller -- The Bad Boys of Magic

Today's Sighting from Project Cool

Motion-Picture Industry: Behind the Scenes -- Take the simulated challenge of making your own movie

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