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Where can I find a map of the Mississippi River?

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The best weather forecasting in the world.  Get hour-by-hour for your exact neighborhood, emailed weather warnings, and much more!

Telephone Numbers

Dictionaries, Time, General Research

Maps, Weather, Directions, Photos of and from Space

Search the Internet


Travel, Entertainment

Consumers, Employment

Coin Prices


Telephone Numbers

US Telephone Directories -- Links to most of the USA telephone directories on the web

World Telephone Directories -- Links to most of the world's telephone directories on the web

Dictionaries, Time, General Research

OneLook Dictionaries -- This is cool.  It searches 2,486,739 words in 628 different dictionaries of all types on the Internet, tells you which ones your word is in, then you click to go to that dictonary

Merriam-Webster OnLine -- Or if you just need a quick look at THE dictionary, Webster's, use this link or the quick lookup boxes at the top of this page. (Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary.)

Acronym Finder --  searchable database containing common acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - lists nearly a million places

Research-It amazing all-in-one information source.

The Sciences Explorer - Resources and tools for science

US Legal Code Law reference desk at your fingertips

Internet Reference desk find out anything about anything!

TPhysLINK --Comprehensive resource tools for physicists and physics students

Engineering Links

Time Service Department of U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington D.C.
If you are wise enough to use Netscape you can have the time shown in a GIF animation that uses server push to send the time out in synchronization with the USNO Master Clock.  If not, here is another simpler one.

Language Translation --

Maps, Weather, Directions, Photos of and from Space

ZIP2 -- Door to Door directions from anywhere to anywhere

NOAA GOES Satellite pictures of the US.

Microsoft's Terra Server Detailed Satellite photos of almost any spot on the globe... find your backyard!

Hubbell Photos Recent photos from the Hubbell Space Telescope. How cool is that?

More Hubbell Download cool photos direct from the Hubbell Space Telescope!

Search the Internet

The best way to search the net

Your personal guide to the Internet -- Search engine and index to the whole WWW NOT.  Folks, I just can't recommend Yahoo anymore.  They have become so restrictive in the new links they accept, you'll likely miss what you are searching for.

Computers Find a free PC or Mac program to do anything!

A lot of excellent information here, but be careful -- Tom's passion is to prove every new "faster" technology is actually slower -- or so his tests always indicate.  He likely has a 286 system that still runs faster than the 1 GHz Pentium III's. :)

Citadel Safstor --  a Windows Shell Extension for encrypting and decrypting files.

Travel, Entertainment

Travel City Search for the cheapest airfares to anywhere in the world.

Database of Bed and Breakfast Inns plan your next weekend trip

Instant Sports Amazing instant stats in any sport, any player.

The Internet  Movie Database

Consumers, Employment

Career Path Search classified ads to find a job anywhere in the US

United States Postal Service

Free Realtime Quotes Free real-time stock market quotes (NO 15-minute delay)

No Risk Used Car Buying -- A free online book that makes new car buying obsolete

Coin Prices & Grading

Numismedia -- Good guide

Coin Universe -- Home of the PCGS, price giude that usually a bit high

Teletrade -- Join, it's free, and research past auction prices on all certified coins.  What's a Certifed Coin?

Coin Collecting Slang -- You'd best know what a wizzed coin is before you buy one!

How to Grade US Coins


Edmund Free car research info - find out what the DEALER pays and get the best deal on a new car!

Police Scanner Listen to live Police Scanner and Fire reports.

The Firefly Files -- All about Fireflies & Lightning Bugs

Toilet Repairs Page -- A short yet excellent guide with hints from a plumber

Toiletology 101 -- A comprehensive guide to toilet repairs

Manual for F.W. Bell Utility Master Current / Power Probe Model UM-7700 -- Couldn't find this when I needed it, so here it is for all

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