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Rate Sheet  JAN 2002

Our typical shop rates are shown below.  These are guidelines only, always write for an quotation for your gun.  We have many other services too, just ask.
Service Rate Notes
Clean and Oil Customer Gun $40 - 75 With full inspection
Test Fire Customer Gun $15 Plus cost of ammo
Sight In Customer Gun* $25 Plus cost of ammo, adjustable Sights or Laser -- fixed sights, ask for a quote
Bore Sighting Customer Gun* $15 Adjustable Sights or Laser -- fixed sights, ask for a quote.
Install Tritium or Adjustable Sights $25 - 100 Plus materials -- sorry, we can't install your sights
Semi-Auto Action Job $50 - 140
Throat & Polish Chamber and Ramp $25 - 55
Install New Grips $15 Plus materials
Estimates $25 If you don't have the work done
Per Man Hour $45
Per Man Plus Machine Hour $65
Minimum Charge Per Gun $25

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