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Oh no, he likes guns!  Seemed like a nice guy until now!  Well,  just click here and I'll whisk you back to the main page, maybe you can forget my "evil" side.   Just remember, like the bumper sticker sez, " Teddy Kennedy's car has killed more people than my guns!" *

And if you're leaving, thoughts to take with you, the first from the old TV series All In The Family:

   Gloria: "Do you know how many people are killed by handguns each year!"
   Archie: "Would it make you feel any better little girl if they was pushed out of windows?"
National Safety Council's Injury Facts report for 2000  
Accidental Firearms Fatalities 
     600  (The lowest number since records started in 1903, 58% drop form 1990)
Accidental Drowning Deaths 
Deaths from Fires and Burns 
Deaths from Poisoning of All Types 
Alcohol Related Auto Deaths 
People Killed by Medical Errors
44,000 to 98,000 (Institute of Medicine, 1999)
Tobacco & Cigarette Use
400,000 (CDC data, more people than AIDS, murder, suicide, fires, alcohol and all  illegal drugs COMBINED.)
1998 (most recent year for which fatalities by age statistics are available)
Accidental deaths among children 12 years and younger
Burns and Fire 
Alcohol Related Auto Deaths 
 521  (14 and younger)

* No, that is not a cheap shot at Teddy.  It contrasts drunk people driving cars while drunk, slaughtering more children and people, day after day after day.  More each year than could fit into a high school, and no one, especially the news media cares.  One kid is actually caught planning to bring a gun into school, and it's national headline news.

And I don't know about you, but not being able to get at one wasn't the thing that stopped me from bringing one to school.  Was that all that stopped you?  Any interest in fixing the problem, not treating a symptom?

 Still with me?  Good!

Franchi SPAS-12

I have collected a lot of information on the Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun, plus the SPAS-11, SPAS-14. SPAS-15, LAW-12, SAS-12, and PA3.  Click to see my SPAS-12 Pages.

Chris's New Toy!

My new AR-50, which is an AR-15 lower with a 50 BMG upper.

R. J. Braverman's Pen Pistols

When I recently sold one of these, I found a lot of interest for them, but nothing more than one page with a single image on the whole web.  So, I have have started a new "unofficial" R. J. Braverman Pen Pistol Home Page for these pistols.

Heckler & Koch P7 Pistols

See my new website at!

Tritium Sights for Pistols 

Some cautions, and a myth debunked about these glowing sights.

Interstate Firearms Sales and Transfers

What is the law?  A lot of misinformation going around.

Interstate Transport of Firearms By Individuals

Did you know you have a Federal right to do so that cannot be taken away by local laws?

Calico Carbines and Pistols

A comparison chart I made to try to keep all the models straight.

Firearm Security

The survival of the right to own firearms in the USA and those remaining free countries around the world just might depend on our ability to safely store them.  Every time some 11 year old finds his father's loaded gun and shoots someone, every time a burglar steals guns from a honest citizen and sells them to criminals, another nail is driven in the coffin of gun ownership. Click for more information.

The Myth of Higher Handgun Shipping Costs

Don't believe it!  Don't get ripped off!  Click here.

The Mystery of the HK P7M13 and the Cor-bon Ammo

Why didn't they like each other?  Who's to blame for all the trouble?

Bulletproof Vest Protection Levels

What do the levels such as "IIa" mean?  Click here.

Shooting 3" Shells in 2 3/4" Shotguns

or How to Try Out Your Major Medical Insurance.

Colt M-16 Knife & The M-14 Sniper by Who-Knows?

Click here for a helpful modification of this double-action auto knife from Colt.

Microtech HALO Knife

Click here for Assembly and maintenance of the Microtech H.A.L.O. automatic knife.

SemiAutomatic Assault Weapons

Click for the exact definitions of what were banned when they banned further manufacturing of SemiAuto Assault Weapons.

Shotgun Magazine Capacities

So, why does you shotgun's tubular magazine only hold 6 shells when the manufacturer says it should hold 7?  Click here to find out.

Chris's Opinions on  Firearms

Now they aren't all that bad, take a peak?  Just wanted to separate them from what I believe to be solid facts on this page.

AirSoft Replica Guns

If you've never see or fired these, you don't know what you are missing!  Finally you can afford to buy and shoot all those exotic weapons you always wanted.  How else can you buy a Beretta 93R or an HK MP5?

These are very serious air guns, almost every gun you've ever heard of, all full size with every detail, semi and full auto -- and they leave quite a welt.  The SPAS shoots 3  BB's with each pump.  These are much more fun than you might think, especially the electric and gas powered models.  My HK MP5A5  in full auto is a blast!

Here is a good place to find more information and suppliers.  The best dealer I've found is MFI .

Firearms Links

Click for the Firearms page of my links collection.

Pistolsmith and Gunsmith Services

Chris is a Federally Licensed Gunsmith at C.A.T., Inc.  Click here.

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