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Chris's Opinions

OK now, these are carefully labeled as my opinions.  What does that mean?  It means I fully believe in what I write, but I am sure that there are others that do not agree, perhaps think the opposite.

I am in no way critical of anyone who doesn't agree.  I write that I don't like brand X, you like it, it does what you want it to -- then you have made the correct decision for you, following my advice would be wrong.  If you have never bought one, then perhaps my opinion on brand X will be helpful?  But nothing is right or wrong, no hard feelings, please?

Parts and Tools Vendors

There are all sorts of dealers out there, but there is really only one Gunsmith supplier that eclipses all the others -- Brownell's.

And there is one used parts vendor that has almost anything -- Gun Parts Corp.

There Are No Bad Gun Designs -- Only Bad Users!

Yeah, right...

Glock Pistols

Chris's cautions on buying a Glock pistol -- is it a safe pistol?

Revolvers vs. Automatics

Want to start a fiery argument?  Just ask long-time gun owners which is better.  If you already have a strong opinion, perhaps not worth reading this.  If you are still trying to decide what is right for you, read on.

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