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Forbidden Information   -- Courtesy of Worldwide Piracy Initiative -- Bizarre

POP -- The first male human pregnancy!

Strawberry Poptart Blowtorches!

Ralph and Beulah's Online Cuisine for the Adventurous

Paladin Press -- Paladin readers seek knowledge and information that some people think should remain secret or unpublished

Center for Chihuahua Exploitation Don't miss the NASA photos of Chihuahuas approaching 500 mph in top-secret wind-tunnel experiments

Urban Legends Some people will believe anything, and this site is proof. All your favorite urban legends debunked. - links to the home pages of many losers

Cross the Vinyl Head -- "This page gave me nightmares"

Art cars! Decorate your auto for fun or profit!

Traffic Cone Preservation Society  Putting a whole new definition to the word "Coneheads."

Field Guide to North American Males

The UFO Black Vault "The largest databases of United States government documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon."

Abandoned Missile Base Silo Tour Your chance to explore the cavernous depths of these wasted remnants of the Cold War, through the miracle of Virtual Reality.

The Gravity Society has a pending patent on anti-gravity technology, and this site has a handful of scientific papers regarding experiments and findings.

Scientific Frontiers - hundreds of online articles on strange natural (and unnatural) phenomena.

The Fortean Times is the "Newsweek" of strange science.

The Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art.

Crop Circles explained! These guys make 'em, you can see 'em. -- The Martian Intra-Terra Communications Network

Disinformation -- Everything you know is wrong!

Revenge and Harassment -- Force Ten: Revenge, Spying, Police & Military

Guide to Lock Picking

The Payphone Project -- a list of Payphone Numbers in the US

How to Tell if Your Head's About to Blow Up

oo -- Perhaps the strangest page on the Web!

The Schwa Corporation -- Alien defense and preparation merchandise

   Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device

James Randi -- The Amazing Randi, debunker of psychic nonsense and con artists like Uri Geller

The Sea-Monkey® Bad Poetry Page

The Persian Kitty -- Links to many adult web sites

PornHub -- Free porn -- really



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